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Grandmother's sewing cupboard (2022)


In my grandmother's sewing cupboard were instructions entitled Women and Girls Knitting and Sewing for Soldiers. I refer to this found objects in my installation, which consists of four photographs, together with my grandmother's sewing cupboard and her chair. The photograms, which were taken on old Agfa photographic paper, depict both the knitting and sewing instructions as well as my grandmother's sewing utensils.

Stricken und Nähen für Soldaten4.jpg
Stricken und Nähen für Soldaten2.jpg
Stricken und Nähen für Soldaten3.jpg
Stricken und Nähen für Soldaten5.jpg
Stricken und Nähen für Soldaten.jpg
nähen und strickn für soldaten6.jpg
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