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Yet Incomputable. Indetermination in the Age of  Hypervisibility and Algorithmic Control.

Deichtorhallen, Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg-Harburg, 2017/18

The exhibited works are part of the series Nuclear Uncanny. Castringius refers to the threat posed by the nuclear, including the fear of radioactive contamination.

In the work Nuclear Echo Chamber, the artist refers to the historic camera bunker of the Trinity Site, from which the images of the explosion were taken.


The work Radioactive Residues is a reminescence of the sheltered area located directly in the fenced visitor area of Ground Zero preserving the "original state" of the ground for research purposes, including large amounts of Trinitite, a glassy green material created by the heat of the explosion.


In her video PARAsite there is a certain alternation between the use of analogue and digital media, in which the artist sees herself as part of her investigation. Besides the meditation about the photographic material from the atomic bomb test, the video includes pointing to the devastating consequences of bombing Japan, which sparked the battle for nuclear world domination.

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