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Collective Research Mass

Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, 2017

Eva Castringius, Joke Janssen, ANna Tautfest

“The exhibition explored ways to understand bodies, landscapes, and knowledge formations as unstable. Eva Castringius’s artistic research concerns traces and materialities and their discursive standardizations and mappings. It counters them with a strategy of alternating between solidification and becoming fluid. Eva Castringius’s artistic research project uses the example of the Trinity Test Site (New Mexico, USA) to address the representability of radioactivity, its spatial organization, and its cultural construction.

​In a material and cinematic search, she captures the contaminated landscape of the atomic test site and its circulating images and appearances as a vital structure. The point of departure for Eva Castringius's works is the bomb explosion of 1945, into which the traces of atomic destruction have been inscribed indexically.”

(Exhibition text)

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