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Artist's Statement

In my current work I am researching the (photographic) visibility and materialisation of radiation, especially radioactivity. The combination of academic writing and artistic-practical work includes my theme-related research in the archive and in the field.

In accordance with my understanding of artistic research, I work discursively and interdisciplinary. In the artistic and imaging area I use serial methods, include investigations of the medium and material and reflect on the process. My aim is not to create individual works of art, but to focus on the unexplored, outside  the usual assignments and presentation formats. The aim here is to generate new knowledge that resides on the previously unexplored fringes of my research subjects.  

The following aspects I consider when comparing the artistic and scientific process is important and fruitful: a) The experiment is fed by coincidences and so-called errors that can be quite useful, especially when the researchers / artists know their objective only to a limited degree (cf. Das Experimentalsystem by Hans-Jörg Rheinberger). b) The research process, the researcher / artist and the research result are related to each other and the latter can therefore never be viewed as purely objective.​ c) The strict separation of subject and object is more of a hindrance in the research process and can be expanded through the agential (cf. Agential Realism by Karen Barad).  

These points emphasise the similarities in the scientific and artistic process and prompt us to rethink the respective approaches. It seems important to me that within artistic research, the process is placed in the foreground of artistic work - and less the result. Because the artistic process has to do with the awareness of the implementation  (which decisions did I make, when and why?) an important meaning. To simplify matters, it can be said that  Artistic research generates knowledge in which what is to be researched is in the processual interplay between the word and the imagery, which mutually assist in translation. 

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